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Re: Gann's way

You may be correct.
I have never really studied Gann as you may have.

What little Gann type stuff I use in my own indicators and trading is more from his newsletters from the last 5 to 8 years of his life, that I got from someone who worked with him the last few years of his life, helping with getting out the newsletters. And some of his charts.

I also have read some stuff on line from how others see some of his stuff? So my use is basicly my own interpitation of some Gann stuff put into to something that I can use in my trading.

The question is? (And why I would not buy any of his high priced stuff) Would he and did he ever really tell what he used? He of course stated many times over the years that he would never tell how he did what he did?
So even if he was alive today. Would anyone really know what he did and used?

Remember he worked for a brokerage and later had his own brokerage? Wouldn't if all was true? That be the GREATEST advertisement ever for a brokerage? So why not have a complete record of his so called great trading?

He did say in his newsletters in the last year that most of his calls for the newsletters were from mainly the moon cycle with some aspect work. And you can also see in a lot of his charts. He would have the planets wrote at most of the turns.

He did have some interesting ideas. But as is. Do or did they work? The few things I use, are my interpitations of a few of his things, that just seem to work for me.

I am not a gann person, but have found some of his stuff interesting. And use a few similar things in my trading.

Some things I never could use in my trading were the gann fans and the price and time sq.?
The first like fibs. Too many lines or areas?
The second? Hit and miss? I can do that easily without anything? LOL! ;)

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