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Re: My thanks/Trend/Harold/Webmaster/All
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Hi All,
I think today was just WONDERFUL !!!!!

If Mike's intentions/filtering stick, I think you will see many more constructive posters coming back.

Trend comment:
2. Also be very strict on any flame or close to flame posts, and not allow at all any post saying how stupid or wrong another is by trading or believing as they do.
So basically? Let anyone post as long as they follow some rules? Break any rules? DELETE! [fixed spelling before I realized I was into your quote, sorry]

Trend, I go further. Break the rules too many times block all further posts. Not just by handle, but by IP address.

Possibly Mike should evaluate "performance/compliance" for a bit before making further changes.

Require a profile to post, and an email address with an option to only be private to TFC, or public as desired by the user. TFC can then contact any poster if desired before taking further action.

Trend comment:
1. I believe a public general trading forum like this may be better and have more posters, if it was not just strictly trading - market type posts. Just use the NTR for the general posts?

I think most of us try to adhere to the NTR, we all mess up at times. I think Mike has stated that within reason NTR posts are not an issue. I think it almost goes without saying that when functioning properly, the NTR posts will occur in the "slow/idle times" not during the active trading day.

And, to cover the rest of your comments:
I firmly believe that QUALITY posts will attract QUALITY posters AND LEAD TO QUALITY discussions. Leading to threads that will address serious issues of interest in trading.

I'm sure that Mike will allow that some NTR side discussions/photos/jokes are good as long as they do not disrupt the postings during the active trading periods. It is easy to tell, just looking at the Index tells whether things are "active or not" !!!!

For sure, I miss James's Bear Hunt photos, or Houseboat and those of others but they don't have to be posted in the middle of the trading day.

Based on "today", I am quite optimistic.


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