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Re: My thanks/Trend/Harold/Webmaster/All/Wayne

Hey Wayne,

You clearly know that your posts were not the problem or even a small part of it!!

Yes, you reacted strongly at times, but I think when it was needed.

All I can say is - look at the Index, no crap, you can skim the subjects and clearly see what you want to look at AND I AM CONVINCED it will get better day by day as folks re-discover this forum and start posting again.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between some "clowning around" and "vicious attacks" on a poster just because their view is not in line with another view. And you know full well what I am talking about.

We don't have to "protect" anyone. That is Mike's job. If someone is concerned about "Newbies, I hate that term" I would suggest sending an email to Mike.

Trades really hauled someone up short awhile back when they kept hammering away on an Ng trade, and I think Trades was correct in doing so.

Maybe now, if a poster is getting out of line, or posting views that are clearly dangerous to new traders, an email to Mike may correct that with a deletion of the posts.

But, really, anyone playing in the Futures Sandbox, should have a bit of a handle on what they are dealing with. You, I, Trades, Mike, or anyone else cannot really protect them.

"Nameless Speak" of protecting "newbies" was just a ruse to chase/challenge posters with differing views. Again, you know what I am referring to. I note an increase of "helpful hanna" posts from that arena, and I hope they continue.

If Mike concludes that certain trading methodologies are not appropriate for discussion on the TFC Forum, he has the tools and ability to prevent it.

I look forward to the days to come !!!!


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Re: My thanks/Trend/Harold/Webmaster/All/Wayne