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Nat. Gas and over all trading

Looking at the Nat. Gas charts daily, weekly and monthly. We have not had a trend change as of yet. A two day correction does not constitute a trend change. But that is not to say it want happen as the market always has the last word.

This market has to break through the 370 are to make that un believe run to 325 area lol. That is possible and damn near did it last week. I will continue to hold on to that possibility until the charts show me it an't going to happen.

To me does not matter which way a market moves as long as my perspective in the direction of the move is correct. You can't make money if your wrong market direction when trading straight futures contracts First you have to be right market direction and second the problem with using stop lose order, where do you place them?

You can be right market direction only to lose through market volatility through stop lose placements. That is why I emphasis break even stops as possible. I also emphasis multiple contract trading at lest 2 contracts or more.

Reason being taking a short term profit on one and holding the other, hopefully catching a larger profit. As you continue to take smaller profits over and over on say 2/3 of your positions your account will grow and if and when because it will happen you will sooner or later take that hit that will ouch lol but the small profit targets will be a life saver on your trading account.

But the word if, maybe, could, should have can have a iffy and serious effect on your trading out come. That why it so important to have a good trading plan and STICK TO IT ! Only then you will be a successful trading business.

Happy trading.

USCoralSea :)

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Nat. Gas and over all trading