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Re: methods/roger
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My charts on May Corn showed "buy point" using a conservative technical method that has a good long term track record. Nothing to do with being short for a few days. The trend is up and only a counter trend trader would have considered shorting a bullish uptrend like this rather than buying at exact pullback lows to the previous high method. Lots of methods as that is just one. Why anyone would care if a top or bottom is in place is beyond me other than to say "I called it". That is all about ego. I don't ever "call" anything as it isn't important. Only a decent set up that repeats and has a high odds of success is important so others can possibly use it to make money or protect their present positions. And this 6th buy set up 'appears' to be failing. I would be out at this 6th set up with a minor loss and leave it alone until it plays out. The 1st 5 worked well. We have seen many of your calls and many of them have not been correct. Last one I recall was in Jan-Feb I think of last year on the grains when you called a bottom and prices continued down. I don't recall others than the seasonal low at the end of Sept a couple of years ago that is visible on any free Seasonal trend chart. I don't look for fights either but when someone claims to have the holy grail and then condemns other methods of analysis it tends to piss people off as it has a 'guru' styled 'above it all' air about it. That will have people biting your head off. I can recall more than a few barbs sent your way due to your claims of unique guidance. If you have something that works now and again I suggest you quantify it clearly and not try to state a 'firm'top or bottom. If your studies have any validity to them and if you understand them you should clarify whether this may be only a short term or intermediate term or weak or strong or likely top or bottom rather than making a profound declaration of a top or bottom. You would gain a lot more credibility and interest in your analysis. One must always quantify the strength or weakness of each set up as they are all different. I suspect your cycle dates are as well. And I am a believer in cycles. There is already a weather user that slams everyone elses analysis and makes outrageous claims that are more wrong than right and could cost others serious money. I suggest you avoid being labeled in that category of poster.

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