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Re: equivalence of time and price
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This is the reason the measurements in time and price were included in the March 7th post. Time and price are squaring out from EVERY major turn in the last 15 years.

Time is measured in weeks and months as well as days.

From the previous all-time high of $5.54 on 7-12-96, 175 months have passed and $7.29 is 175 cents above $5.54. Notice that $7.35 is 181 cents (half of the circle of 360) above 5.54. This means that 735 and 554 are opposite points on the circle.
The lowest point corn has traded since the 7-12-96 top has been the $1.74 low in the year 2000. The major low of $1.74 on August 7th, 2000 measures 554 weeks to 3-4-11. 554 cents higher than 1.74 comes out at 7.28. Notice the two prices of $1.74 and $5.54 are also seen in time measurements of weeks and months.
The last $1.74 low occurred on August 24th, 2000. From there to March 4th, 2011 is 548 weeks. The midpoint in time (274 weeks) from the 8-24-00 low is 11-28-05 low of $1.86. This means corn rallied 549 cents in 274 weeks from 11-28-05. This is a one by 2 angle instead of a 1 by 1 angle. But notice how the same number of weeks (274) is also seen in days. 273 DAYS was the original measurement from the lows starting at 12-5-08!

The markets are the farthest thing from randomness.


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