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Re: equivalence of time and price/Roger/Lee

Hi Lee. I'm not concerned at all whether a 'market turn' is a few days early or late. I think that to expect perfection is missing the point. Nothing is ever that exact. My breakout/breakdown pts are never exact in time or price either. Not to be expected. What is important are the 'TURN DATES' and the fact that if they are credible they need to have a change in trend 'to some degree' to have value 'close to the dates'. And if some one's system can quantify the degree of change meaning major or minor that's just a bonus. I posted the Bradley Report chart with the '3 major dates' for 2011 on it and was hoping Roger can find some 'correlation' on these dates. That would give us a heads up on the next time for instance one planet or cycle or whatever was repeating. There must be something repeating on these 3 dates. Then perhaps I'll pick up a more in depth book on astrology than the ones I do have and look for such things. But indepth explanations of each phase along the way may interest those with some knowledge of the subject but unless you are familiar with a type of analysis it's just gibberish. I know I have tried to just explain chart patterns to someone and their eyes will glaze over and it will be a total waste of time explaining unless I show a chart and dumb it down for the average trader to comprehend. Same thing with this stuff. In the end they often say "skip the b.s. and just tell me when to buy or sell this market". And it's not like they are lazy and want a free lunch as most do wish to learn. But it is foolish to think someone can read a few posts or glance at a book and understand what the hell it's all about. No subject is that shallow. I know it took me 10-15 years to get good at reading a chart and understanding the chart patterns. So like the old show F.B.I. detective Friday would say "Just the Facts Ma'am."

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Re: equivalence of time and price/Roger/Lee