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Re: ephemeris/Roger
In Response To: Re: ephemeris/Roger ()

Hi Roger,

Thanks and already off to a good start !!

Here is table you posted back and I will add comments.

I am not sure the benefit of what you are asking. It seems you already have what you are looking for. The charts tell you what the event was. I'll try to give you what I think you are asking. [See the PS at end.]

Date___________Event____________________Additional comments/meaning
03-04-08 ....major wheat/bean top___ J-S angle did not align here

The above date on the Corn chart only looked like a correction in Corn. With no further comment I was not sure of the significance of that date as shown on the chart.

12-05-08 ....major low all grains_____ J-S natural angle 135
This date, clearly on the Corn chart it is the low [major as you call it] and clearly MAJOR relative to the prior peak for sure. Also 320 is the "absolute low" for the data shown on the chart.

09-08-09 ....major low all grains___ J-S natural angle 150, 273 days later
OK - is back to the 320 level of Above comment, but in the middle of a longer relatively "flat" interval right around 320. You use the term Major Low, OK, I understand, is back to where it was last cycle. What happened in the prior 9 months did get up to 448. If the drop back to 320 qualifies it to be called a "Major Low", fine, I understand.

06-08-10 ... low beans, wheat___ J-S natural angle 165 next 273 days
OK - is date trades put on Corn chart. See next date.

06-29-10 ....ultimate corn low___ 2 years from 6-26-08 major top
This probably should be on Corn chart instead of 6/8 for discussion, but as marked is close enough for my tastes.

02-23-11.....corn top____ J-S natural angle 180, 3/4/11 = 273 day count
Now we are into the MEAT of things !!
Absolutely clear

05-12-11...probable minor turn_half mars, 540 degrees venus from 6-80-10 low

Ok, here probable minor turn means something to me, the rest does not.

I would look for something to "possibly" happen around 5/12/11. Then as time goes forward, if you added "give or take a week" so much the better !!!!

Thanks, Lee
Yes the charts reflect a date and one can see what price did on the chart. The whole purpose of this exercise was to try to relate "your words" to the market under discussion. In this case Corn. For the most part, I think that has been accomplished.

If you can keep things separate:
Date: Event: - What is expected to happen

Then separately if you like:
Date: Reasons for the expected Event

That would go a long way to help us follow your thoughts.

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