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Re: I have a question to all those


I read what you posted in part included below:
I'm just questioning where all these non-posters are that were supposed to come back in here since the place is all sweet and lovey dovey.

My point is, I think it was a bogus argument. That's all. This place used to rock...bickering and all. I do not want to see the bickering come back either...just more people. I suspect though...as I maintained during that discussion, that there just aren't that many people left out there.

I looked quickly at the list of posts displayed. There are 30 to 60+ reads once you get beyond the first few (takes time for folks to get to them).

I think the current market/world situation has many not trading actively right now.

Also, some number may have lost jobs, houses ect. over last few years and can no longer justify trading.

All the SnP activity is gone !!! Driven off or busted piggy banks ?? I don't know but that was a lot of activity.

There were many good threads on fuel cells, alternative fuels and cars, ethanol, weather when the flooding was going on [where is HelloMichael??] just to mention a few areas that were picked up on and discussed.

Now we have Japan and Libya ???

Should we try starting a thread on the merits of eliminating that NUT in Libya before he re-surfaces and does some real damage !!

Or resurrect my rant "the problem is NOT NUCLEAR POWER BUT THE MANAGEMENT OF NUCLEAR POWER !!!!
- Maybe re-instate the death penalty for anyone falsifying a test/safety report for any of these facilities !!!

Stew on things a bit and come up with a good thread idea that may attract the participation of others similar to that of the "Methods thread" !!

That may "jump start" some activity.


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Re: I have a question to all those