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Re: Natgas Weekly/Ronbo *PIC*

Yes I'm grabbing short term profits and quickly closing out losing trades all the time and it works very well. I learned long ago that "Not Losing" was far more important than making more. More that a few times I've mentioned to some financial type that I wished I was doing better with trading and I wasn't rich yet or anything. Everyone of them asked how much I lost in 2008 and before that in 2001-2002 and I told them I never lost anything but never got rich trading either. All of them chewed me out for complaining as everyone they knew and dealt with including their own personal accounts lost money big time and I should stop complaining and keep doing whatever the hell I've been doing. That reaction has surprised me but over the years I've learned to be thankful for missing the big downdrafts of crashing markets and been nimble trading and just been steady with all the trades. Not exciting but it's better than watching the tide come in and then go all the way out again and then some. I've know of some very sharp traders that lost everything on one or two really bad trades they just couldn't dig their way out of. So if those guys were 10 times as smart and rich as I was I definitely don't want to follow in their footsteps. I posted that 1979-80 chart of Silver a couple of times now showing the 5 months up and 4 months down but with a longer topping period back then as compared to now. The time frames were very different as this run has taken much longer but no topping phase for any length of time. rabbit joined it together to show them both side by side with the recent chart of Silver to compare the differences. There was quite a difference in the time frames but like all parabolic runs is ending the same way. Here is the Weekly Nat Gas chart. Price still basebuilding and needs to cross 5.20 for starters and even then wouldn't mean much until 6.10 is cleared. And the seaonals from mid June til the end of August are the worst for the entire year. The proof is in the pudding and NG has its work cut out for it ahead. See my chart earlier of Sept Nat Gas right up against 4.90 price resistance and at the top of the channel resistance area. Not looking good to me.

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Re: Natgas Weekly/Ronbo *PIC*