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Re: CH12
In Response To: Re: CH12 ()

Really? All I have is condensed stuff?

So, all of the 300+ page courses I have, and all the smaller ones, written by Gann is condensed stuff?

45 years in wall st - 80 pages
Masters commodity course - 385 pages
Master Stock market course - 465 pages
Studies in tape reading - 199 pages
How to make profits trading commodities - 412 pages
Unpublished Stock trading course - 212 pages

The above totals to 1753 pages of Gann's writings accross FIVE separate, major courses he wrote.
This does not even count the dozens of little ones he put out, like "Speculation a Profitable Profession."

I have over FIFTY complete files of material written by WD Gann. The ones above are just his larger works, and represent only part of my WD Gann Library. Are you really sure all of that, is just "Condensed stuff"?

You know, if I was a betting man, I'd have to wager I have all the original Free PDF files that you used as a source for your course manuals that you sell.

Given how extensive my WD Gann Library is, I highly doubt anyone looking at this debate is going to side with you....you basically repackaged someone else's life work and are trying to sell it in an online course. Having wrote a course myself, based on my *MY* method, developed from a decade and a half of *MY* hard work, study, experimentation, and market participation. I find it reprehensible that someone like you would blatantly just steal someone else work and profit from it. I know if you took my work, repackaged and sold it for your own gain, I'd be hunting you down.

Of course, if you are not this guy ----> http://www.gannscience.com/index.html, and only sound exactly like him, and say the exact same things due to some immense statistical improbability manifesting itself from the magical dark side of the force, I apologize for my rant.