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Re: S&W 380 Bodyguard NTR/Lee

Hey Lee. Nice little gun and compact. Well with all guns I know shooting competitively they all have to be 'tuned' by a professional or a gun expert that also shoots in competition is even better. I took my Springfield 45 semi auto and had to buy over $400 worth of custom parts and have a gunsmith hand tool every part so it was smooth as silk and never jammed. The key part is always a new custom trigger. He tuned my new trigger down even more to about 2lb which is as light as possible without issues. Even that can be a problem at times. At the big yearly match years ago I was disqualified during a fast mag change when I lightly tagged the trigger and a round went off. That is a no no in a match even if downrange. But most guns bought need a custom trigger. Don't know enough about that 380 gun to know if it could be tuned to be short,light and smooth or not. Any standard gun bought anywhere has a heavy trigger usually which is the norm internationally from what I have seen and heard. In Canada all guns 4" in length or shorter were banned and designated 'prohibited' by anyone. I owned one 38 4"revolver back when that was legislated so was grandfathered and can shoot,keep and buy and sell 4" and under guns until I die. Or until I sell the last one and then can never own one again. Their concern was the short guns could be concealed easily. The Liberals were in power then too which explains the real reason. The Conservative government now can't retract the legislation without looking bad but has rescinded the long gun registry the Liberals brought in that forced everyone to register their rifles. Cost billions and didn't save anyone's life either. Very typical of the Liberals. So that's something eliminated anyways. Sorry to go on about it but thought I'd give some overview on the subject. He should ask a gunsmith if they could do something about that trigger to find out for sure. Must be nice to carry a handgun. Try that in Canada and you'd end up in jail in one hell of a hurry as it is a criminal offence to carry a firearm ever unless you are in law enforcement and on duty. And the odd special situation with guards, money truck drivers etc. Very few situations are allowed. I'm allowed to go to and from an approved range with my restricted firearms. An approved rifle is ok to carry around with a trigger lock and out of sight though. But asault rifles are not allowed for hunting either and are also resricted firearms. Gotta have a lot of paper work to even own one.