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Re: S&W 380 Bodyguard NTR/Lee

I shoot a Springfield 45 semi auto that has been custom tuned to the max with even the mag changes made faster as I shoot a style that's called Action Shooting. This is where your score is divided by the time. And there are various targets in a stage. So you can't just focus on accuracy OR speed but must do both. Everything has to be smooth or you won't do well. The training and ultimate test is shooting at 3 cardboard figures and on the electronic signal you have to put 2 rounds in each and then do a mag change and then 2 more in each again with an approved timer used by the tester. I can do that in 8 seconds which is OK. Has be be under 10 seconds to be considered good. I believe the world record is 4 seconds. Gotta see it to believe it a few times. It's called El Presidente. I like the idea of needing to be accurate AND fast. Too many shooters pride themselves on accuracy and any fool can hit a target if given unlimited time. Some shoot 9 mil but I never liked them myself. I like the big fast strong 45 rounds and you can reload that brass forever as the pressure is low in such a large cartridge. With the law enforcement using Glocks a lot of guys are using them now. I would need to spend more time on that to be convinced to buy and shoot one. You can't rent guns here so need to try one from someone at a range. Vancouver does have an indoor range to try most any gun but I haven't gone there yet. I also shoot a S&W 686 which is a stainless steel 357 revolver and is a great gun to shoot. Funny how a revolver seems more like a 'real gun' than a semi auto. But the semi auto's are what's needed most of the time. I rarely shoot my 4" 38 as I just own it for the spite of the legislation that banned them. But all hand guns need to be tuned by a professional or the odds of hitting any target is dramatically reduced. And using both hands when shooting a hand gun is also necessary to keep it on target as well. Looks cool to see someone shoot with one hand but is not realistic if serious about hitting anything accurately. It takes very little movement to miss a target by a mile. I've seen guys shooting with one hand at a nearby target without one hole made in it. Gotta see that to believe it also.