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Why I Bought My First Hand Gun/NTR *LINK*

I had to spend some time on google to find it because it was in 1992 and the internet was not in full swing at that time. The reason I could not find it was because I thought it was Oshman's Sporting Goods instead of Herman's Sporting Goods due to how long ago it was. I went to Herman's Sporting Goods quite a bit as they always had some good prices on athletic shoes at the time.

It was just before Thanksgiving (I believe Wednesday night) a buddy and me were throwing down some beers at a country western bar just off the corner of Beltline road, and having a good time knowing we were going into the Thanksgiving holiday. We cut out about 1:00 am. I drove by the little shopping strip where Herman's Sporting Goods was at and remember seeing it.

Go to the link below to find out what I read in the paper the next morning.

The insider of this crime worked there for a year with these poor souls and still did this. Not only were their hands, eyes, and mouths bound by duct tape, but they had their skulls smashed in with hammers before their throats were cut from ear to ear. The store was robbed of the firearms. This guy worked with these people and did this to them.

Later Richardson police caught up with this guy and shot him. He allegedy tried to run them over. They found him in Dallas, and it was a little unusal for them to cross into Dallas to get him. Both Dallas and Richardson said they were working together. I think Richardson police were so horrified at what they saw that they said this guy is ours. He was shot and killed, but how many times was he shot, and were did he really try to run them over? Who gives a shit they got the job done.

Had an article in the Dallas morning news on the girl that survied ten years later. She was doing ok, but the one side or her face was fuc'ed up due to nerve damage.

Went out and bought quite a few magazines on guns. Did not know what to buy. Narrowed down the choice between the top rated revolver's and semi autos. Since, it was my first gun I decided on a revolver. Back then there were alot of gun shows in Texas to go to. Went to many of them. First thing I picked up was a Colt 45. It was to big for my had. Picked up the 44 Dirty Hary Mag, but you had to be Dirty Hary just to pick it up. Picked up a Red Hawk, but you had to be bigger than Dirty Hary to pick it up. Guess my hands are not that big. Woops maybe size does matter. Anyhow I decided on a Ruger SP101 which is a 5 shot .357 magnum. Fit my had like a glove. Had good right ups in the magazines and had plenty of punch. Based on its size I could probably carry it easily without notice. Guess what it is still in the box and I have never even fired it. I think that may change as this thread has renewed my interest in self defence.

Looked at a number of semi's including berreta, glock, and sig. Had my eye on a sig, but decided to go with a revolver as my first gun. I belive the Secret Service carries a Sig or use to. But then do the Fed's tend to get out guned. Link to the 1992 article attached. Also about a week or so latter after a highschool football game some student was pulled from his car and shot dead. They said they think it was from a gang from South Dallas at the time. Don't know what ever happened to that case.

Well that is why I got my first handgun. Guess the markets will be open tomorrow and we can focus on them.