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Re: THE WALL/icd/Spike
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Yea, well...those were a few of the more memorable super-buzzes I got over a period of 20 years of doing the stuff. There were periods of time where I would go years between smoking it and sometimes I would smoke it regular for a year or so. I don't think I qualified as a professional head like one friend I have who started smoking at 13 and has never stopped. I could always drop it when I wanted to. Never felt addicted to it. I would have to go through a physiological withdrawal over a period of a few days. I'd be like, if had some smoke, i'd smoke it but...oh well, I don't and would move on.

In general the stuff made me lazy and unmotivated. I've know smokers who would get hyped up and want to do stuff but for me...nah. Sit and enjoy the buzz.

I've said this before...the thing I enjoyed most was it would allow me to focus on a problem like a laser beam. Other folks it did the same way. Came across my geophysicist friend weeded up working some quantum mechanics problem, once. I asked him "how in the hell can you do that while stoned" He looked up and said, "How do you think I'm able to do it?". It wasn't till later when I was working on something difficult while stoned that I realized what he meant. Focus like a laser beam. It never seemed to effect my ability to think and may have "opened" my mind to reasonable solutions, as opposed to stupid ideas you see depicted in the movies, at times.

When it came to doing physical work, I never did that stoned unless it was work I came to call "stoner work". Tedious work that didn't require moving around a lot.

One day, a long time ago, I didn't have any and didn't want to chase any down...so I stopped. Every long once in a while a friend will come by and if they have some I will poof one with them but that may happen once in a year or two.