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Re: Militarized Police
In Response To: Re: Militarized Police ()

Buddies of cops always get preferential treatment. That goes hand-in-in-hand with corruption.

Possibly but the last time a cop let me know my tags were expired we pulled up to a traffic light and stopped. He was on my passenger side. Tooted his horn and motioned me to roll my widow down. Your tags are out by a month. Ok...thanks, I'll get that taken care of pronto. Didn't know him from Adam 12.

All but one encounter with cops have been pleasant and I've even talked my way out of traffic tickets on at least three occasions...just by treating them with a little respect and some humor. And, if it's at night that I get pulled over, I turn on my dome lights...I have my drivers license and carry permit license in my hand...stick both hands out the window...just to let them know I understand it's a stressful thing for them and I appreciate that. It also lets them know I'm in a cooperative mood.

1:30 am, I'm driving home sober as a judge...come head on at a cop...he passes me and as quickly as he can whips his SUV around and blue lights me. Comes to window...your tag is hanging by one screw is why I pulled you over. Oh yea, see all that from the front did you? We don't have tags on the fronts of our vehicles. He was just lookin for someone to hassle cause he had a trainee with him.

I had flown out of Nashville to Los Angles to buy my sisters car. Drove it to Wichita Falls...ran it around there with CA tags...came home for summer break...was driving it downtown Nashville and pulled a left on red traffic maneuver. The intersection I turn from T'd into a road where the right hand road was a one way and to the left it turned into a two way. Cop said...you can do a left on red but only if it's a one way road. I'm thinking...no chit, I didn't know that I was just in a hurry. haha But, apparently you can do a left on red on a one way road where the traffic is going to your left.

Anyway...I was standing back of the car with him and he asked for my drivers license. It was a TX drivers license. He asked...what's up with all the different tags and drivers license. I said, hang on to your handlebars this is going to get crazy. I told him what I just told above about living in TX and having just bought my sisters car in LA and I was waiting to get back to school in TX to tag the car. He just handed me my license and said...holy chit...get outa here.

Sounds like coppers out there get paid a hefty amount. I don't think it's anything like that out here.