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Re: Taco Twat and 12 years...
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She sounded drunk. Between bucktoothed chomps, she was slurring her words ... definitely under the influence of something, odds favor booze by her slurred speech.

But, on to climate "science". In the seventies, well into the early eighties, we were preparing for an ice age. Almost all of the major wire houses had seminars built around it and that was why to "invest" in commodity futures. Paine Weber had one of the better ones ... slide show, ice age brochures up the ying-yang, etc. Ma Merrill was in on the action, as well as DWI (Dean, Witter, Reynolds).

Then, the drought of '83, with it's elevated temps started to reduce the ice age talk. By the time that we were in to the drought of '88, which had very similar temps to (actually somewhat more moderate) than the heat wave that hit, in 1933-34. Then, all of a sudden we were into "global warming". That's when the hockey stick computer model was developed. That theory had the ocean levels rising so that certain island nations, such as Palau, would be totally underwater by the late nineties ... 1999 at the latest. I have acquaintances that live on Palau ... they ain't underwater and it's 2019.

It's kind of like the commodity lounge lizard that keeps going into his broker's office .... (back in the day) attempting to go long something. He's blown out debit. Pays his debit. Comes back in and hits it again ... Year after year after year. Each time he tells his broker ... I AM RIGHT, it's just that my timing is off a little.