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The Woman's new computer...

Took the path of least resistance and got The Woman a new computer. It's the same make and model as I bought 7 or 8 years ago that I passed down to her.

Using it to post this.

Technology update.

It's noticeable lighter in weight because it's half the thickness of the last one.

Unlike the one I use now, this one came with a Solid State Drive for not a lot of money more than one without a SSD. I noticed when I was checking out the different models...you have to go pretty far down the model list to get one with an old style hard drive.

It's faster than the 17'' I use that I swapped the old style hard drive out with a SSD and is 4 or 5 years old. It cruises the net faster, too.

It has a finger print reader in order to start the damned thing. The Woman wasn't amused when I had to borrow her finger early this morning to get it going.

The key pad is more crisp than the old ones. Comes with a number key pad off to the right of the letters. Nothing The Woman will use like I do but there it is...a used to be...extra order. It being a 15 vs the 17 the alphabet part of the key pad is smaller...add the numbers pad ant it is further compressed making it a little difficult for big hands.

It has a 30 day trial of McAfee's security installed. I usually drop that and go with my own security but what it took me two or three separate security programs to achieve...McAfee has bundled all in one. When you delete something in the regular way the system just makes available for overwrite, the space where the deleted thing was. It doesn't really delete it and it doesn't overwrite the sector where that deleted thing resided until you save enough stuff for that sector to be overwritten. I have a program that shreds the deleted item and overwrites the sector where the thing was stored. Mine does it to military specifications...like overwrites the sectors with 7 passes of gibberish. McAfee comes with a shredder...don't know if it overwrites the sectors to mil spec or not.

May pay for the McAfee on this one.

I'm sure I'll find more neato changes as I explore.

What I'm really interested to know is...does it look any different to y'all when I post this compared to my old post? BWAHAHAHA!! 😈