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saying what no one has the balls to say...

Peter Buttigieg...this is a communist running under the democrat fag, uh...flag for President. Nobody can pronounce his last name. Let me help you out when you find yourself conflicted as to how to pronounce it.

First, I had to look up the spelling, up popped his full name. Here it is...Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg. No wonder he's a communist...he has too many names to remember. For g-d's sake.

He's a fag. He says he's married to another man but everyone knows that two people of the same sex can not be married cause for 5000 years marriage has been between a man and a woman and by the definition...that's what it is...whether or not a bunch of fag lovers on the UnSupreme Court say it is.

I refuse to play in your insane-o-sylum sand box. You think two people of the same sex can be married...well, you're an idiot.

Anyway...back to how to pronounce this commies last name...not his three first names...his last name.

Since he's fag and purports to be married to a dude...there's a certain amount of Butt Gouging going on. See where this is going?

There you have it...Peter Paul Montgomery ButtGouge.

Or just Peter ButtGouge. Peter=penis...get it...penis ButtGouge. Penis Butt Gouger.

I know...right. Some things are just to easy.

Penis...uh, I mean...Peter ButtGouge for President...he'll screw you too.

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saying what no one has the balls to say...
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