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CBD oil and 5 hours of sleep...

I've always run off 6 hours of sleep. Early riser, I've always been. I have a saying...sun up, Wayne up. As I age I find I need even less and will get by on 4 or 5 but as I mentioned before, I will nap in the middle of the day these days when I manage only three whereas, I never used to sleep when the sun was up. Virtually, no matter what.

Sun up, Wayne up.

A lot of times I wake up from my back screaming at me...and, I need to pee. haha

The Woman comes home with some CBD cream, yesterday. Oh baby, you just blew 20 bucks on a hoax. I've had peeps tell me they can tell when they use the oil or burn a doob with some form of CBD in in it. I'm like...it's a placebo! It's derived from the hemp plant and contains no THC and I don't generally believe in holistic medicinal effects of non-mind bending plants material.

The Woman rubbed some of the cream up and down my spine. It reminded me of IcyHot. It was cold because t has some other "stuff" mixed in with it. I got 5 straight hours of sleep last night. Woke up solely because I needed to bleed the crocodile(I know, ICD, you have to bleed a sock chaffing whale)...wee wee...pee. I could have continued to lay there until I fell back asleep...conceivably...had I not needed to pee.

My back was not hurting. Faked out by a placebo? I just happened to have a one in twenty painless back night? Does it really work?

More testing required.

Any experiences with CBD??