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I had to watch...

Yesterday was buff out the friends big walnut table day. Five hours of buffing with an ancient buffer that I acquired 40+ years ago and it had to have twenty years on it when I got it! It's HEAVY!

I don't have a picture yet but I'll post one when I get it. That table top shines! It's really passes shine. It looks like water sitting on it. We kept putting things on top of the table to give an idea how deep the shine was and finally held an eight foot long piece of PVC pipe standing straight up on the top...you could see the full length of the pipe in the shine. Now that's deep! It really is incredible.

But that's why I had to watch the news. After five hours of running the buffer I couldn't do anything but sit here on my arse and hurt. So why not watch some tube to distract my mind from the pain.

I caught Barr's talk before I left, so I knew it was a nothing burger. I get home to watch the news and commentary and check out some stuff on the net.

Seriously...no MoFo jokes or anything...but seriously, people. The demoncraps are literally insane. The lefty talking heads are equally insane.

No...they are dangerously, delusionally, insane.

It's pretty much this simple...no, it is exactly this simple...no indictment...no crime. There are no if, and's, or but's about it. It's over.

The machinations and contortions the left are going through in order to make something of nothing is an amazing display of the depths of their insanity!

I'd say it's funny watching their heads explode but what it is, is scary.

Back to Easter celebrations.

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I had to watch...
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