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Re: Why I Bought My First Hand Gun/NTR/Rabbit

Hi Lee,

I started in the book store in the magazine section. Always a few good magazines on guns. They will have articles on the best revolvers, the best semi automatics, best concealed guns, and best compact guns. I had a buch of them before I determined that for me a revolver was what I was going with. I then went to quite a few gun shows, being down here in texas, to see them and pick them up. I also looked at price. I had my eye on the Ruger and after going to a gun show I saw a brand new one at about $30 less then anything I had seen before and got a brand new one in the box at what I thought was a good price.

Reminds me of the time I bought my house. I was looking at houses in one neighborhood, and then interest rates were comming down at the time. I started looking at a neighborhood that was a little more expensive and eventually bought there. I added it up and in total I looked at approximately 65 houses before I bought one. Not that I got a great deal, but I don't think I got screwed, and got a decent deal.

Take your time. Read the magazines it may be fun for you and when you buy a hand guy your will feel that you got the right one for you.

By the way I went to a delli down here a couple of days ago. It was filled up, but they had a sandwich bar, so my choice was to wait for a table or eat at a sandwich bar. I ate at the sandwich bar instead of waiting. Ran into a guy that was head of a small oil and gas company. We got to talking and we started to talk about NG. He looked at me like how do you know about the shale formation and I told him that some of the guys post about it on a message board that I read.

I mentioned the fracking process and he said it was not as good as everyone makes it out to be. He said that, lack for a better description, after the fracking process that the wells tend to collapse in on themselve (not sure what that means), and then the have to be re-frackted. Therefore, he did not think it was the holly grail of energy exploration. I said so you don't think its that gread, and he said I know its not that great. Anyhow that is what I got over a #4 which was a hot corn beef, pastramie, swish cheese, on rye and potato salad. Was a great sandwich.