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Re: Militarized Police Ohio vice cop busted

I liked many of the police officers that I ran into, when I was young 'n dumb 'n full of ....

When I was eighteen, I mouthed off to a Deputy Sherriff. He actually held me while he called for another car. When the other car arrived, I had a real beat down laid on me ... ribs, ankles, calves and thighs ... and they didn't simply use their fists. But, when they were done, they asked me if I had learned anything. I replied with nothing but "Sir" and everything that I stated was in the most polite of language. After they uncuffed me, they asked me if I was all right, to which I replied "Yes Sir".

I could have been hauled in for possession of beer as a minor (that was how the charge actually appeared in the local weekly paper). A DUI ... and who knows what else could have been thrown at me ... speeding, at the least. NO charge. Just a mild little beat down to teach me some manners.

Iowa County, Iowa was a sparsely populated county with a few small towns, only two of which had populations over 2000 ... and farms. Everyone knew everyone. But, Deputy Dody (kid you not, I still remember his name) told me, "Don't worry. Your dad won't hear about this. Your safe, unless we catch you doing it again."

I respect that type of cop. The deputy didn't want to ruing my life with any charge that could have effected college entry ... didn't want to embarrass the family with the "Possession of Beer by a Minor" (that's how it showed in the paper). Didn't haul me in and have to call my parents. Just wanted to teach me a lesson that I wouldn't forget.

Since then, I no longer drive country roads drinking beer. I haven't gotten behind the wheel with a snoot full. And, I ALWAYS "Sir" and "Maam" a cop. But, I've had some rather nasty encounters with poeleese, over the past couple of decades. Even though they were young punks AND acted the "punk" part .... I surely as hayull didn't back talk 'em ... Just yessirred my way. But, just four years ago, I was pulled over, with the old "wide left turn" .... at around 10:00 pm. The poeleese asked if it was allright if he searched my car. Judas, I was over sixty, driving the speed limit (actually under), informed the poeleese that I held a CHL but no firearms were in the vehicle ... Crossed every t and dotted every I. When I told him that I did not consent to a search, he told me that he was "going to call for the dogs". What in the world did he think that grampa was carrying?

I told him, "Great! I love dogs. How soon can you get 'em here." I really thought that he was going to lose it. I almost had a bladder control problem as he kept placing his hand on his holstered side arm ... When someone turns beet red and places their hand on a firearm ... I get a little nervous.

There are probably some very good police officers, I just haven't run into one in a very long time.